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OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software is no longer being distributed

We will continue to provide customer service support for the software but encourage you to learn about our NEW, FREE diabetes management system.
Learn more about the OneTouch Reveal® mobile and web apps here.



Get Software: Introduction


The only thing you have to buy is a OneTouch® USB Interface Cable. The software is always free.

Already own a cable?
Make sure you have the latest software (version 2.3.4) by downloading here.

Don't own a cable?
Confirm which cable you need and purchase here

All OneTouch® meters with data ports are compatible with the current version of OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software. However, if you purchase the OneTouch® Ultra® 2 blood glucose meter you must use OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software version v2.3 or higher. Make sure that you are running the latest versions of OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software and meter driver.

How do I know which version of OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software I have?

  1. On your computer, double-click on the OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software icon to launch the program.
  2. Go to "About One Touch" from the help menu.





Purchase a OneTouch® USB Interface Cable

To transfer data from your OneTouch® meter to OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software, you need a OneTouch® USB Interface Cable.

OneTouch Ultra® brand meters:

  • Users will need to order a OneTouch Ultra® USB Cable
    • Click here to purchase.
  • Users running OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software on a Windows® 8, 8.1 or 10 operating system will need the OneTouch Ultra® Cable for Windows® 8, 8.1 or 10; Click here to purchase.

OneTouch Verio® IQ and OneTouch Verio® Sync meters:

  • Users can use the OneTouch Verio® Mini USB included with your kit to download data to a computer. This cable is also used to recharge the meter battery. Click here to purchase an additional OneTouch Verio® Mini USB cable and AC Adaptor.

OneTouch Verio® meter:

  • Users can purchase the OneTouch Verio® Micro USB Cable to download data to a computer. Click here to purchase.

OneTouch Verio Flex® meter:

  • Users can purchase the OneTouch Verio® Micro USB Cable to download data to a computer. Click here to purchase.


Purchase your OneTouch® USB Cable online at




Get Software: Upgrade the Software

As a courtesy to our OneTouch® Customers already using OneTouch® diabetes management software, LifeScan offers software upgrades at no charge. To transfer data from your OneTouch® meter to OneTouch® diabetes management software you must have a OneTouch® USB interface cable. If you do not have a cable, or are not sure you have the correct cable, you can confirm and order from here.

OneTouch® diabetes management software is compatible with all OneTouch® meters with data ports.

Read about the minimum system requirements to run the software here.

Note: OneTouch® diabetes management software will reside on your personal computer, as will the blood glucose data from your OneTouch® meter. LifeScan will not have access to your personal blood glucose information.

By providing personally identifiable information about yourself, including “sensitive” information such as that related to heath or medical conditions, you can enhance your experience at this site and receive helpful information regarding products or services that may be of interest to you or address your health concerns.

Presentation of Glucose Values: Please read the following to be sure your OneTouch® diabetes management software displays results properly.

Although the OneTouch® diabetes management software accepts data from all OneTouch® meters (with data port), the data coming from those meters can be presented differently depending on the country where the data is generated and the operating system that supports the reporting software. These differences can be related to many factors including local computer settings, languages, glucose measurement units (mg/dL vs mmol/L), medication terminology, and test strip calibration reference methods (whole blood vs plasma) used in a given country.

CAUTION: This software upgrade is intended only for use in the United States. Using this software outside the United States may lead to the presentation of inaccurate results and potentially to inappropriate medical treatment, and is done at the user's risk. LifeScan accepts no responsibility for such use. By selecting YES, you are agreeing to use this software upgrade only with OneTouch® meters and test strips sold in the United States.

Please provide the following Registration Information:
Required fields are indicated with an "*".


What is your relationship to the person with diabetes?  

Please answer the above question.

YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION - fill out this section with your own contact information, and not anyone else's.

Visit Around the World at for information for countries other than the US.

Accepted format xxx-xxx-xxxx
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DIABETES INFORMATION - for you, or the person who has diabetes.

How often do you test your blood glucose?    

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Meter Driver

For optimal performance, please ensure that you have the latest meter driver software installed.

OneTouch® meter drivers can be used with OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software or OneTouch Zoom® Pro Diabetes Management Software (for Health Care Professionals).

If you are using OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software, please ensure you have installed version 2.2 or higher. The meter driver can be used with all versions of OneTouch Zoom® Pro Software.

The meter driver software requires one of the following operating systems: Windows® XP Home and Professional (SP2 or above), Windows Vista® (SP1 or above), Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1 or Windows® 10 .

Click here to confirm you have the right USB Cable.

If you have any questions, contact LifeScan's Data Management Line at 800-382-7226 Monday - Friday 6:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time.

Instructions for Download and Installation:

  1. First ensure that OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software (including SnapShot® for the health care professional versions) is not running during the installation of this software update.
  2. Choose the Download Meter Driver Now button and select “Run” in the File Download dialog box.
  3. You will be presented with InstallShield instructional messages. Follow these instructions.
  4. Once installation is complete, you can begin using your meter with OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software.

Additional Information

For additional information, including instructions for performing an uninstall, please review this Readme File.




For Developers only - Drivers

OneTouch® USB Driver

This driver is required for the OneTouch® USB Interface Cable. Please read the instructions before starting the download. If you have any questions, contact LifeScan's Data Management Line at 1 800 382-7226.

Instructions for Download and Installation

  1. First ensure that your OneTouch® USB Interface Cable is NOT plugged into your PC.
  2. Choose the Download link and save the installation file to your PC.
  3. Double-click on the USBDriverSetup.exe file and follow the InstallShield instructional messages.

Once the installation is complete, you can begin using your OneTouch® USB Interface Cable.









FAQs for the OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software Kit

OneTouch® USB Cable Driver

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The "Quick Reference Guide" helps you get started using the software. The "User Manual" provides
comprehensive instructions. For your convenience, these materials are available as downloadable PDF* files.

* You must have Adobe® Reader® to view file.