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OneTouch Verio® test strips box
OneTouch Verio® test strips
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OneTouch Verio® test strips

Fast, accurate results you can trust
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Value pack for paying out of pocket, on high deductible plans or without insurance (30 count only on

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OneTouch Verio® test strips have the lowest copay on the most health plans* and are always covered on Traditional Medicare Part B. **

  • 74% of OneTouch® brand users with insurance pay $20 or less on 50ct test strips.
  • Medicare Part B patients pay $0 with most supplemental insurance.**
9 years of proven accuracy

Uses OneTouch Verio® test strips — 9 years of proven accuracy at very low and very high blood glucose levels.

Results in just 5 seconds

Our smallest sample size ever at 0.4μl and fast results in just 5 seconds.

Test strips work for right or left hand

Side fill test strip — great for righties and lefties.

Verify Check Mark

You can verify that your OneTouch Verio® blood glucose meter and test strips are working properly with our OneTouch Verio® control solutions.

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OneTouch® meter offer

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Before using the OneTouch Verio® test strips, carefully read your meter's Owner's Booklet and inserts that come with the test strips.

    Insert the OneTouch Verio® test strip into the test strip port with the gold side of the test strip and the two silver prongs facing you.

    The OneTouch Verio® test strips require only 0.4μl of blood.

    • When you insert the test strip into the meter, the Apply Blood screen appears on the display, you can then apply your blood sample to either side of the test strip.
    • Apply your sample to the opening of the channel.
    • Be sure to apply your sample immediately after you get a drop of blood.
    • Holding the meter at a slight angle, guide the channel to the blood drop.
    • When it touches your sample, the test strip wicks blood into the channel. The channel should fill completely.
    • The channel turns red and the meter will count down from 5 to 1.
    • Blood should not be applied on the top of the test strip or to the top edge of the test strip.
    • Keep test strips in a cool, dry place between 41°F and 86°F. The meter and test strips should be about the same temperature before you test. Do not test if there is condensation (water build-up) on the meter. Move your meter and test strips to a cool, dry spot and wait for the meter surface to dry before testing.
    • Do not open the test strip vial until you are ready to remove a test strip and perform a test. Use the test strip immediately after removing it from the vial.
    • Tightly close the cap on the vial immediately after use to avoid contamination and damage.
    • Store unused test strips only in their original vial.
    • Do not return the used test strip to the vial after performing a test.
    • Do not re-use a test strip that had blood, control solution, or any contaminants applied to it. Test strips are for single use only.
    • With clean, dry hands, you may touch the test strip anywhere on its surface. Do not bend, cut or modify the test strip in any way.
    • Do not use test strips after the expiration or discard date, whichever comes first.
    • When you first open a vial of test strips, record the discard date on the label. Refer to the test strip insert or vial label for instructions on determining the discard date.

    You should perform a control solution test:

    • Whenever you open a new vial of test strips.
    • If you suspect that the meter or test strips are not working properly.
    • If you have had repeated unexpected blood glucose results.
    • If you drop or damage the meter.

    OneTouch Verio® control solutions are used to check that the blood glucose meter and test strips are working together properly and that the test is performing correctly.

    Only use OneTouch Verio® control solution, Level 3 (Mid) or Level 4 (High) with your OneTouch Verio® brand meters and test strips

    OneTouch Verio® control solution can be purchased at most major retailers of diabetes testing supplies, both in-store and online.

    Each level of control solution has a different range to help check if your blood glucose meter and test strips are working together properly. Each vial of test strips has both OneTouch Verio® Level 3 (Mid) and OneTouch Verio® Level 4 (High) control solution ranges printed on its label. Compare the result displayed on the meter to either the OneTouch Verio® Level 3 (Mid) or OneTouch Verio® Level 4 (High) control solution range printed on the test strip vial, depending on the type of control solution you used.

    Yes, the meter automatically detects and marks the result as a control solution test.

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    *Some health plans may have more than one brand available at the lowest copay.

    **Not a guarantee of coverage and payment. Coverage and payment may be subject to co-insurance, deductible and patient eligibility requirements.

    †Among all branded and value manufacturers. Symphony Health Retail Pharmacy Claims Data Jan 2017 - Apr 2018. Plan types include Commercial, Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid.