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OneTouch Verio IQ® meter

This meter is no longer being distributed. We will continue to provide customer service support and warranty replacement.

Helps you understand how insulin, meal intake and lifestyle affect your blood sugar.

ColorSure® technology instantly shows when your blood sugar numbers are in or out of range.

Easy one-step meal tagging.

Color display and illuminated test strip port for testing in the dark.

Uses OneTouch Verio® test strips — 9 years of proven accuracy at very low and very high blood glucose levels.

OneTouch Verio® test strips have the lowest copay on the most health plans* and are always covered on Traditional Medicare Part B. **

  • Medicare Part B patients pay $0 with most supplemental insurance.**


Before using the OneTouch Verio IQ® meter to test your blood glucose, carefully read the Owner’s Booklet and inserts that come with the components of the system.


    Press and hold 'OK' until the start-up test screen appears. Once the device is on, release 'OK'. You can also turn the meter on by inserting a OneTouch Verio® test strip to perform a blood glucose test.

    The meter stores your most recent 750 blood glucose and control solution test results and displays the blood glucose results in several ways. If you have just completed a test, press and hold the return button to get to the Main Menu from the blood glucose result screen.

    From the Main Menu, choose My History to view:

    • Last Result
    • Results Log
    • Averages

    Choose Pattern Log to view high or low pattern messages. Press ∧ or ∨ to highlight your selection and press ‘OK’.

    Your OneTouch Verio IQ® meter uses a rechargeable battery. When fully charged, the meter will perform blood glucose or control solution tests for about 1 to 2 weeks before recharging is needed.

    If you lose or misplace your cable or charger, please contact OneTouch® Customer Care at (800) 227-8862, Monday through Sunday, 8 am to 8 pm.

    If your cable or charger is damaged or stops working through normal use, please contact Customer Care to report the issue.

    If the battery power is too low to perform a blood glucose test, you can connect the meter (USB or AC adapter) for a rapid charge. Rapid Battery Charging will appear on the display for approximately 60 seconds to indicate the meter is in rapid charge mode.

    After the rapid charge, be sure to disconnect the meter from the wall outlet or computer before testing your blood glucose. After testing, reconnect your meter and complete the charge.

    Every time you test your blood glucose, your OneTouch Verio IQ® meter searches for any new patterns that have developed over the past 5 days. Patterns are identified based on the time of day the test was taken. For a group of results to be considered a pattern, the time of day for each result must be within 3 hours of each other.

    • A high pattern will only include results tagged “Before meal.” A high pattern message appears when your meter records 3 results that are over the High limit set in your meter.
    • A low pattern message appears when your meter records 2 results below the Low limit set in your meter. No tagging is needed to trigger a low pattern.

    To receive high or low pattern messages with your blood glucose results, the High/Low Pattern and Tagging features must be turned on. For further details please refer to the Owner's Booklet.

    You can adjust the meter settings at any time. When you turn your meter on, the Main Menu is displayed after the start-up screen. A blue bar highlights the current selection on the meter display.

    • Get to the Settings screen: from the Main Menu, press ∧ or ∨ to highlight Settings and press OK.
    • To change your low or high range limits, highlight Tool Settings and press OK, then select Alerts and press OK.
    • Make sure the Alerts feature is turned On and press OK.
    • Highlight High/Low Limit on the Tool Settings screen and press OK.
    • Highlight the Low Limit or High Limit and press OK.
    • Then press ∧ or ∨ to change to the low and high limits that are right for you, then press OK.

    NOTE: Tagging must be turned on to set a Before Meal High limit. The meter is set at the factory with the tagging feature turned on. If you try to set the High Limit with the tagging feature turned off, you will be prompted to turn it on, before setting your high limit.
    Be sure to talk to your healthcare professional about the low and high limits that are right for you.

    The OneTouch Verio IQ® meter is compatible with the OneTouch Reveal® web app. The OneTouch Reveal® web app uses data collected from one or more supported devices to generate reports. The Data Transfer Tool must be installed before you can transfer data with a cable connection

    A link to Data Transfer Tool installation is provided during email confirmation when your OneTouch Reveal® account is created. In addition, once you have signed in, a link to download and install the Data Transfer Tool can be found in help.

    A complete list of supported devices, and hardware and software requirements needed to use the OneTouch Reveal® web app can be found at:

    If you need a cable for your meter, please contact OneTouch® Customer Care at (800) 227-8862, Monday through Sunday, 8 am to 8 pm.

    Register for the OneTouch Reveal® web app

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    What's in the Box


    Included in every box:

    OneTouch Verio IQ® meter (rechargeable battery)

    Lancing device

    10 sterile lancets

    Owner’s Booklet

    Quick Start Guide

    Mini USB cable and AC adapter for recharging battery & downloading to the OneTouch Reveal® web app

    Carrying case

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    *Some health plans may have more than one test strip covered at the lowest copay.

    **Not a guarantee of coverage and payment. Coverage and payment may be subject to co-insurance, deductible and patient eligibility requirements.

    †Among all branded and value manufacturers. Symphony Health Retail Pharmacy Claims Data Jan 2017 - Apr 2018. Plan types include Commercial, Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid.