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Traditional Medicare

Show your red, white, and blue Medicare Part B card

After you meet your $183 deductible:

Medical Insurance Card
  • The out of pocket is just 20% of the Traditional Medicare allowable cost of $8.32.
  • You pay only $1.66 for a box of 50 test strips.
  • You’ll pay $0 with most supplemental health insurance.

We’ve got you covered

See your actual out-of-pocket cost with your insurance.

Health Access Card
  • OneTouch® test strips have the lowest co-pay on the most health plans*
  • Nearly 50% of OneTouch® brand users with insurance pay $0 on 50ct test strips.**

Where to buy your OneTouch® products

OneTouch® testing supplies are widely available at retail pharmacies across the U.S. and select mail order suppliers. Be sure to say you want OneTouch® brand test strips. 

We’re here to help. For questions about your coverage, product suppliers or assistance with switching your prescription to an approved vendor:

Call us at 1-844-942-2654

Diabetes supplies and Medicare – FAQs

QA Text: 

*Some health plans may have more than one test strip covered at the lowest co-pay.

†Coverage and payment may be subject to co-insurance, deductible and patient eligibility requirements. LifeScan does not guarantee coverage or payment.

**Among all branded and value manufacturers. Symphony Health Retail Pharmacy Claims Data Jan – Dec 2015. Plan types include Commercial, Medicare Advantage, and Managed Medicaid.

‡Global Brand Equity Insights Study, February 2015