Let's start at the beginning

Let's Start at the Beginning

You have diabetes. Now what?


In 2021, the International Diabetes Federation estimated that 1 in 10 adults worldwide had diabetes, and that almost half of these people were not yet diagnosed.1 Diagnosis is an important first step in managing your diabetes.

Learning that you have diabetes can come as a shock and be overwhelming. At OneTouch.com, you’ll find a great deal of information about diabetes, such as the different types, signs and symptoms, and tips on how to manage your condition, including monitoring blood glucose and taking medicines as prescribed. We’ll explain the basics of nutrition, physical activity and other ways to take care of yourself to help reduce your risk for diabetes complications. In short, we’ll give you tips and tools to help you choose a path that works for you, so that you can thrive.

When you successfully manage your diabetes, you can improve your health and lower your chances for long-term health risks — you can live a long and healthy life with diabetes. Successful diabetes management starts with knowing your numbers. Tracking your blood glucose levels is key. Know your target range and how to adjust your habits when your glucose levels are high or low.  

The key is to commit yourself to doing your personal best. What’s your why? Finding your purpose for embarking on a journey to improve your health will help motivate and keep you on your path to enjoying a well-lived life.


1International Diabetes Federation. (IDF) IDF Diabetes Atlas (10th edition) 2021.