How can you manage your diabetes?

How can you manage your diabetes?

Managing your diabetes starts with understanding and keeping your blood sugar within your target range and learning how to adjust your habits when your blood sugar levels are above or below that range. Being able to manage blood sugar can help to decrease the risks associated with low and high blood sugar levels, and slow or possibly prevent diabetes-related health problems.


Here are 5 tips to help manage your diabetes and find your way to thrive:

  1. Learn all you can about your diabetes.
  2. Check your blood sugar as recommended by your healthcare professional.
  3. Take your medicine as prescribed by the doctor, be it tablets (pills) or injectable medicines like insulin.
  4. Make healthy food choices. Food choices can have a huge impact on the fluctuation of your blood sugar levels. Learning how foods affect your blood sugar is important in the daily management of your diabetes.
  5. Include regular physical activity in your diabetes management plan with the guidance of your healthcare professionals.

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