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Terms and Conditions

1. This promotion is operated by [Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited (J&J) – TBL] and is open to those who are on insulin therapy, aged 16 or over, and resident in the [COUNTRY – TBL], including users of meters other than OneTouch® meters as well as users of OneTouch® meters provided they have had their meter for 12 months or more and not received a free OneTouch® upgrade during the 12 month period preceding the date of their application under this promotion.

2. This promotion is for [TBL - the free supply of a J&J OneTouch Verio® meter to qualifying applicants but does not include the supply of any test strips required for the use of those meters. J&J reserves the right to decline to supply a free meter to any individual who lives in an area where OneTouch Verio® test strips are not generally available on prescription]

3. The closing date for applications for this promotion is [DATE – TBL] however, a limited number of J&J OneTouch Verio® meters have been allocated by J&J for supply as part of this promotion and J&J reserves the right at any-time and without the need to give a reason to withdraw or vary this promotion and/or to specify additional or varied criteria which applicants must meet in order to receive a free meter.

4. The promotion is limited to the supply of one J&J OneTouch Verio® meter per qualifying applicant only – multiple applications for the same individual are not permitted and J&J reserves the right to refuse to supply a free meter to any applicant who J&J considers has not complied with these terms and conditions or does not met any of the criteria detailed or referred to in these terms and conditions.

5. J&J will endeavour to despatch meters to successful applicants within 28 days of receipt of their application although please note that J&J does not guarantee any specific delivery date.
6.This promotion is governed by the laws of [COUNTRY – TBL], and by participating in this promotion applicants will be deemed to accept these terms and conditions and that the courts of [COUNTRY – TBL] shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute.

7. This promotion is operated by [Lifescan – TBL] and any queries or other correspondence regarding this promotion should be addressed to:
[address - TBL]