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A simple way to check your blood sugar.

OneTouch Verio®IQ is here to make testing simple. For just a speck of blood, you get numbers that are clear as day. And when it’s lights out, it lights up the top and screen.

Say hello to numbers that are clear as day.

Why strain your eyes to see what your blood sugar's been doing? With its color screen and big numbers, OneTouch Verio®IQ makes your results pop.

Easy to test in the dark.

OneTouch Verio®IQ lights up the test strip port and screen, so you can test anytime — day or night.

See it in the dark

See it in the light

All for just a speck of blood.

OneTouch Verio® Test Strips use our smallest sample size ever. Plus, you can apply blood to either side of the test strip, so it's great for righties and lefties.

More features to make testing simple.

Friendly on-screen messaging and one-step tagging help you make sense of your results.

Meet the only test strip that can keep up with your meter.

Using OneTouch Verio® Test Strips is simple – no coding, flexibility to test using either side of the test strip and it’s easy to see when you’ve applied enough blood.

No coding necessary.

Simple, right?

Insert the OneTouch Verio® Test Strip. Apply blood. Read result. That's it.
The no-code system means one less thing to worry about.

OneTouch Verio® Test Strips work with OneTouch Verio®IQ and OneTouch Verio®Sync Meters.

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