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How do I download my test results to a computer?

Downloading results to a computer
You can use your meter with OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software for storing your records and to help you spot patterns for planning meals, exercise, and medication. OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software puts information downloaded from the meter into charts and graphs.Download test results to computerDownload test results to computerDownload test results to computer

1. Obtain the required software and cable
For order information and to learn more about OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software, visit

2. Install the software on a computer

3. Get ready to transfer readings
Connect the OneTouch® Interface Cable to the COM or USB port on your computer. Make sure the meter is turned off. If you insert the cable while the meter is already on, the meter will not respond to computer commands. Then connect the other end of the OneTouch® Interface Cable to the meter data port.

4. Transfer data
Follow the instructions provided with OneTouch® DMS to download the results from the meter. Once the command to start the download is sent from the computer to the meter, the meter display will show “PC“ indicating that the meter is in communication mode. You will not be able to perform a test when the meter is in communication mode.p>

WARNING:To avoid a possible shock, Do not insert a test strip when the meter is connected to a computer with the OneTouch® Interface Cable.

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