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What is the purpose of using control solution?

OneTouch Ultra® Control Solution contains a known amount of glucose and is used to check that the meter and the test strips are working properly.

Do a control solution test:  

  • To practice the test process without having to use blood
  • Once a week to check your meter
  • Whenever you open a new vial of test strips
  • If you suspect the meter or test strips are not working properly
  • If you are repeatedly getting unexpected blood sugar results
  • If you drop or damage your meter


  • Use only OneTouch Ultra® Control Solution with your OneTouch UltraMini® or OneTouch Ultra®2 Meter.
  • Control solution tests must be done at room temperature (68°F–77°F). Make sure your meter, test strips, and control solution are at room temperature before testing.


Do not swallow control solution—it is not for human consumption.

Do not apply control solution to the skin or eyes as it may cause irritation.

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