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How do I change the code on my OneTouch Ultra® Meter?

Step 1: Enter the Code Mode.
Start with the meter turned off. Insert a OneTouch Ultra® Test Strip to turn on the meter. All segments of the display will appear. Next, the code number will appear on the display for three seconds.

Step 2: Match the Code Numbers.
Compare the code number on the meter display with the code number on the test strip vial. If the two code numbers match, you may begin testing. If they do not match, follow Step 3. The first time you use the meter (---) will appear, showing that there is no code stored in the memory.

Step 3: Code the Meter.
Press the C button to select the correct code. Each time you press and release the C button, the number will increase by one. To move faster, simply press and hold the C button. After you have selected the correct code number, it will flash for three seconds and then appear solid for three seconds. Then the apply blood symbol will appear, indicating the OneTouch Ultra® System is ready for testing.

AW 085-314B