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How do I use the OneTouch® Lancing Device to get a blood sample from an alternate test site?

Lancing and sampling from an alternate siteForearm samplingPalm sampling

Forearm sampling

Choose a fleshy area of the forearm away from bone, visible veins, and hair. Sometimes there is less blood flow to the forearm than to the fingertips. To help you get a large enough drop of blood, you may gently massage or apply warmth to the site to increase blood flow.

Palm sampling

Choose a fleshy area on the palm below your thumb or pinky finger. Select a spot with no visible veins and away from deep lines, which may cause your blood sample to smear.

The OneTouch AST™ Clear Cap is used for forearm and palm sampling only. Replace the blue (or black) cap with the OneTouch AST™ Clear Cap. Blue (or black) caps are for fingertip sampling only.


*Please refer to the Owner’s Booklet or consult with your healthcare provider before beginning to test on your forearm or palm.

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