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The OneTouch® Ping® insulin
pump and meter-remote

A brilliant insulin pump. A supersmart meter-remote.
Working together to help you perform at your best.


Full-function insulin pump

  • Tested and proven waterproof up to 12 feet for 24 hours.*
  • Flat panel OLED color screen that is self illuminating,
    high contrast, and viewable from a wide angle.
  • Delivers a small basal increment rate of 0.025 U/hr
    across all available basal rates (0.025 to 25.00 U/hr)
    for fine-tuned dosing.

Full-function meter-remote

  • Can test your blood sugar, calculate a bolus,
    and tell the pump to deliver it from nearly 10
    feet away.
  • Comes with a customizable 500-item CalorieKing
    food database for accurate carb counting on the go.†
  • Uses OneTouch® Ultra® Blue Test Strips with
    DoubleSure Technology. It checks each blood
    sample not once, but twice, giving you confidence
    every time you check your blood sugar.

* Meter remote must not be exposed to water
† ezCarb food database can be created with ezManager® software. ezManager® Plus requires IBM-compatible
PC running Windows® 2000 or XP. It is not compatible with Windows® Vista® and Windows® 7.

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